SOS | Southern Girl

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. The rhythms sound as if they escaped the sun's hot surface to shine directly on your eardrums. Will always remind me of summer, especially after being associated with this imagery.

Jamglue | Turn My Mic Up

Most recent mix from the glue of jam.

Channel Surfin' | Great Pretenders

Great Pretenders was a precursor to singing competitions - except the tween contestants lip-synced. A perfect blend of karaoke and singing in your own bathroom mirror, the late 90s early 00s show was hosted by none other than Wild Orchid. My sister and I would always ridicule the worst 'pretenders,' usually saying how much better we could have done. Looking back now I'd probably look as ridiculous as them lip-syncing to NSYNC's "I Want You Back." You can tell how popular this show was by the multiple YouTube clips accompanying this post......Yeah

'96 | Until that day comes...

When Wild Orchid's first single hit the airwaves, I swore they had to be sistas. Little did I know three sorority-looking ladies crafted such an incredible song. With Stacey Ferguson a.k.a. Fergie on lead vocals, it remains one of my favorites.
There was a particular remix on the B side that was straight fire. Have yet to find it anywhere.