Channel Surfin' | Everybody cheats...

...but you gotta know how...
In this day and age of reality television, there have been plenty of colossal bombs. But none so graphically gratifying as the COPS-ish Cheaters. Joey Greco, who was not the original host, aids those in need who feel infidelity is infiltrating their relationship. It's like Maury without the scripted testimonials and lie detector tests. Once we get passed the espionage video-stalking and the revealing of the cheating to the significant other...comes the hilarious CONFRONTATION. Viewers watch how a relationship implodes on national television. Here are some of my favorites:
"I'm not the one. I'm not the one"
Mommie's Dearest
Rasputia? Joey is a G

8709 Special | 80sbby90skd presents...

Here is part two of the first mix. I go for more of an 80sbby sound rather than the first's 90skd vibe. Dance Party 2 Tracklist (13:07)
  • Intro | Come to Me | Diddy
  • Turn Off the Lights | World Class Wreckin' Cru
  • I Need A Freak | Sexual Harassment
  • Interlude | Nasty Girl | Vanity
  • Meeting in The Ladies' Room | Klymaxxx
  • Let the Music Play | Shannon
  • The Glamorous Life | Shelia E.
  • Interlude | Rocket 2 U | The Jets
  • Rock Steady | The Whispers
  • Kiss | Prince
  • Jungle Love | The Time
  • Outro | Nasty | Janet Jackson

'95 | I don't want to rain on this parade

The 90s were too smooth. Favorite by Brownstone. One of the best intros to a song. And the chorus was so catchy. These girls could sang.

P School | Doesn't take much to make me happy

Classic disco hit from The Emotions. You cannot have any type of old school function without playing this song.

G101.3 | I'm not crazy

Aww yes. The sexy ladies of All Saints appeared on the scene after another British girl group. My favorite song by them off their self-titled debut. The lyrics always got me, especially the sista's bridge and ending. You can write it in a letter babe, cause I really need to know. I believe this is the U.S. version, while I found this version on YouTube.

'96 | You stay on my mind

702 found success with their first album No Doubt in the banging single, "Steelo" featuring Missy Elliott. These were some talented ladies. Its funny as a kid, I never knew what steelo was, haha!

'09 | Sooner than later

A picture is worth a thousand words. This only needs four.

'98 | Watching the days go by

I know every girl remembers this somber hit by the somewhat unkown Divine. This got played out. Beautiful song though, and I always thought the video was nice. Fashion is kinda...wack in this vid; looks like a bunch of Lisa Landry originals. LOL

411 | Back to 'Back to the Feature'

The Smoking Section grabbed a hold of a certain D.C. rapper's recent twits (sp?) pertaining to the almost lost mixtape. You know the one with 9th Wonder and that questionable cover. But I digress. Read and weep with tears of joy.

'94 | Sending my love to you

Gorgeous cut from the ladies of Zhane's jazzy, really neo-soul debut.

'99 | No, I don't want your number

Figured I highlighted the fellas; now a small ode to some of the lady teams of 90s R&B. Remember watching this on MTV Jams, on MTV. LOL Classic first single off of TLC's FanMail. While the video featured Lisa's rousing verse, the album had it omitted. Song was so big it spawned the ever-so-clever response track, "No Pigeons."