P School | Someway, somehow

Love this song. Rufus ft. Chaka Khan from the album Street Player. I know of only one other voice to conquer this the way Chaka did.

New New | "The Medium" Southeast Slim

New mixtape from the DMV's own Southeast Slim. May have heard him on the DMV mixtape with "The Bomb" and more recently "Shake Your Plaits," both featuring Wale. Should be good. Click album cover to download. Shout to

LOL | She got curls too

Caught this hilarious spoof @ 2dopeboyz. Too funny. This is what we call operation activator.

411 | Roker interrogates pure evil

Al Roker grills our favorite couple, right next to fire & gasoline, Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag a.k.a. Speidi. This is a match made in celebrity hell. Why NBC regulate the weather man to talk to these waste of flesh.

MESS | Its a family affair???

Literally. Allegations are spreading that actor Morgan Freeman has been having a relations with his 27-year-old step-daughter. I had suspicions of freakdom around the time of his divorce and that car incident; but, never in my wildest dreams would I expect something like this. But hey Woody Allen married his step-daughter and they lived happily ever after, right!?! I guess we're surprised because he's BLACK. Yup I said it. And you know you were thinking it too.Maybe it was on his bucket list. Okay I'm done.

'88 | Its Friday night!


This was the jam from Johnny Kemp. Enjoy the weekend!