8709 Special | Holiday!

Everyone get your grills ready for the cookout holiday of the year. America celebrates another Independence Day this weekend. Let's commemorate the red, white, & blue with videos that are red-blood American through and through. Sorta. The Boss

Indiana native

For the Troops

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What's Red, White, Blue & Black all over. Harlem World clique

New New | "Bump," Trish video


Toronto is buzzing with talent. This hypnotic songstress is Trish. First heard her on the equally satisfying "Don't Watch Me." Get more @ her Myspace page. Thanks to Corprah.

'89 | Come on baby, let's get away

I've worked hard all week, and even received a vacay in preparation for the holiday weekend. Love the posts while they last today; I'll be back tomorrow afternoon/evening.