New New | "Remember Me," T.I., video

The Grand Hustle king releases his new single from the upcoming reissued Paper Trail : Case Closed. Don't forget to cop this version of one of '08s better hip-hop albums.

411 | "Do the Right Thing" 20 Y.O.

Twenty years have passed since Brooklyn erupted on a hot summer day in Spike Lee's revolutioary look at race. And yet the characters and conversation remain relevant to this day. Even in this alleged post-racial Obama age. Don't believe the hype, and continue to "Fight the Power" in twenty-0-9.

'96 | Williams Shakespere's Romeo & Juliet

I never saw this film until we read the classic tale my freshman year of high school. I have to say it was absolutely stunning. The story itself remains a timeless tale, open to endless reinterpretations. I thought the use of the original script was a eloquent touch. And it made the usually boring Bill interesting for everyone. The guys indulged in the heightened violence and urban culture of drugs, youth, and fearlessness. And of course, all the ladies swooned over the charming talent of Leonardo DiCrapio, as we used to call him in back in the day. Apart from the film, again, is the outstanding soundtrack which featured young Quindon Parker's rendition of "When Doves Cry" and Des'ree's "Kissing You." A definite classic for the ages and pop culture staple of that decade.