MESS | 'The Bodyguard' is next to be remade

Two messes in one day. WOW. The industry is all abuzz on word of Whitney Houston's iconic film The Bodygaurd being remade for generation unoriginality. Besides the absurdity of revisiting a 90s and pop culture classic such as this, the role of Rachel Marron is up for grabs by...Kelly Rowland, Monica, Bey? No. None. The individual in question isn't even a minority. The actress linked to the story right now.....
Worst. Casting. Ever. Spotted @

'89 | He's cold as ice

Ms. Abdul's killer video for her "Cold-Hearted Snake." Why she isn't a judge on ABDC as opposed to AI is beyond me. She choreographed Janet for goodness sake!

MESS | "Young nigga got it bad cuz i'm brown"

After incredulous speculation from the powers of the Right and all those still upset that a brother is living in the White House, and didn't have to break-in, Barack Hussein Obama is indeed a natrual born citizen of his United States of America. Now since we've proven what we alrady knew as truth, let us allow the president to do his job. Post-racial my BLACK ASS.

G101.3 | And you don't know why...


Been meaning to post this for a minute. I was pretty much obsessed with this song for a good month after first hearing it on a thing called a radio; and seeing it on something called MTV. I think everyone goes through a stage where they just don't know why. I remember really liking the video too. sidebar: I literally just realized their name, Vertical Horizon, were total opposites. FAIL! LOL