Channel Surfin' | BET's "The Heat"

Just when one officially ManTan-ed BET, they weasel back into the fold. I was finishing my daily fix of the Mowry's when I caught a glimpse of BET's newest endeavor - The Heat. It's nothing innovative since its simply what they're suppose to do - provide viewers with music videos - but it's surprisingly refreshing. In the boggle of reality tv and 106's slim effort to remain relevant, The Heat did something only Sirius radio, Vh1 Soul, and those Music Choice channels were capable of - giving me great music music from then and now. I was floored when the first video of the hour segment was none other than 1990s mega hit "Hold On' by En Vogue - in all its retro glory. Plus the interactiveness of Twitter to request certain videos and answer the question of the day is a step forward. Now if we can just get to the other 23 hours of programming.

New New | "Life vs. Livin," XV

New track from what I believe will be XV's upcoming mixtape Everybody's Nobody dropping tomorrow. Features Big Sean, who I'm liking more day by day. Click above for link. Shout to Nah Right.
"Well uh, pipe down like Draino/just roll in to a ball like Kano"

? | BEEF!?!?!

| MORE LIKE VEGGIE BURGER! Both of yall for the sake of urban culture, let it the kucf go!