Channel Surfin' | Gullah Gullah!

90skds big and small: You know you got hype every time this show came on. Nick Jr. was a beast and this is one of the reasons why. "Gullah Gullah Island" featured songs, lessons, and Binya Binya! I think this is where everyone learned the "Introduce Yourself" song.

MESS | Sly Fox

Give me a motherkucfin' break!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! Obama is as much a racist as Bush was an excellent orator. Between him and Lou Dobbs questioning Obama's birthrite, I'd say we need some immediate dialogue, no holds barred, on Capiol Hill and in the newsroom.

GNR | The Resurrectifier

I know I can't be the only individual who finds it extremely odd that Mays' commercials run daily. This is funny, but wrong on so many levels.