411 | 'Bold action' or 'Compromise easily'

Shepard Fairey, famed designer of the prominent portrait during Obama's campaign, has designed a second image which appears on the cover of Rolling Stone. Full story here. Apparently people are in arms over the words circling the President's head. What do you think?

411 | John Hughes dead at 59

| Film director John Hughes died unexpectedly today. He suffered a heart attack. Hughes was the mind behind some of the 80s biggest teen films, such as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He also directed 90skd favorite Home Alone and its sequel. He is surely missed.

MESS | Neckline Slimmer

Is there a subliminal message in this and other similar products. If it is I think it's saying sluts loose weight and look younger....instantly.

New New | "Million Dollar Bill," Whitney, full

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SICK | Mass Effect 2 cover


New New | "Millon Dollar Bill," Whitney preview

Here's a snippet of the Beatz/Keys composed single for the comeback diva. Shout to HHPRnB Stop.

8709 Special | Crunk Came, Saw, and Conquered

Watching the idiot box when I came across Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz's "What U Gon' Do." It seems like for-e-ver since Crunk capitalized on Easy Bake rhymes and bombastic southern funk. I was a middle schooler when Jonathon Smith unleashed "What!?!?" & "Okay!!!" in our music veracular, and as a youngin' I became addicted. I rode the crunkmobile all the way to high school right up until lyrical competance became a significant part of hip-hop again. Nontheless Crunk will always hold a special part in hip-hop history......and *tear* in my heart. So here are my top five favorite Crunk hits.
  • Let's Go - Trick Daddy ft. Twista & Lil' Jon - Between the "Crazy Train" sample and the inescapable ad-libs from Mr. Smith, this was a definite banger. The year it came out our high school band would tease us with the first 16 bars, and then go into the rest of Ozzy's original headbanger.
  • Knuck If U Buck - Crime Mob -
    "I'm that ghetto, pistol-holding nigga on your damn street"
  • Some Cut - Trillville ft. Cutty - Damn. My dad even bumped this crunksexycool song. I wasn't sure what cut was then, but i do know. LMAO Dude's voice on the chorus was too cool. Sounded like a 70s pimp.
  • Wait (the Whisper Song) - The Ying Yang Twins - How do I explain this one? I first heard this on our church bus on a local trip to WalMart. Don't ask.
  • U and Dat - E-40 ft. T-Pain - Monumental moment where Crunk paired with its west coast cousin Hyphy for clubtastic results. I was obsessed with this track for awhile.
Honorable mentions: Damn - Youngbloodz Freek-a-leek - Petey Pablo Neva Eva - Trillville Get Low - Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins

PBP | Imma Survivor

Eddie goes in on his favorite mistake, Ms. Stephens. If someone shows you - and him, and him, and them - who they are, BELIEVE THEM.