'09 | Cupid vs. The Dream

My library on shuffle, I cam across the first track off of Cupid's Time for a Change. "Work," with its sensual oohs, aahs, and a touch of southern snap, is a hot track. Other than his dance hit, his genuine R&B sound is what drew me to liking him. With the chance to release this or "The Let Out" as a single would have been great for his career, if it hadn't been for the retro monster that was "Shorty is a Ten." In a way The Dream sorta of stole Cupid's recipe, and added his own 80's thug swag. Love/Hate was a great album, and The Dream knows how to sell a record, but I just wondered what could have been. As a bonus check out another hot track off of Cupid's forgotten album I Love Me ft. Foxx


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