? | Right Round

I am sure rapper Flo Rida is an intellegent guy. He speaks rather well in interviews and seems to enjoy his newofund fame. He even looks like he is having fun; his songs are always club-heavy hits that echo having a good time. BUT was he serious when he decided to sample that 80s song for his "hit" "Right Round?" I mean....? I know we are trying to trandscend beyond the ghetto with hop-hop, dipping our fingers in different music Kool-Aids.....BUT I cannot bring myself to enjoy this song as much as I loved "Low." (Until it was everywhere instead of just the song everyone was dancing to on YouTube) And the video....smh....I just can't rock to it. If we're trying to recapture the electro-pop hip-hop possessed in the mid-80s, than let's go back and do our research. I mean with a different beat, this song could be good....BUT......?


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