411 | Orlando vs. Cleveland Game 5

UPDATE | They'll get 'em in Orlando. As a lover of the arts I'm a sucker for irony. Whether it coincidental or intentional there is something Shakesperean about life's little way of saying "F you." The one day you forget your umbrella, it rains. You wear a sweater because it's always cold at the office; and, now the thermostat reads 73 degrees. The entire populace believes the robots are a great help, while the lone objector is defined as a lunatic . Don't worry. I'm not lonely, just alone. I've never been a Magic or Cavs fan (Let's face it - who were Cavs fans until now) but, I love an underdog. And as much as a LeBron-less finale would be disappointing, it'd so be worh it. Bonus points for the Nuggets to dismantle the Lake Show, but I see that as highly unlikely. (I'm a lunatic, not suicidal.)

New New | Walking on a budget

Via 2dopeboyz
Ye's puttin in work, only this time it's with Def Jam's radio killa's awesome "Walking on the Moon." I've been bumping this for quite sometime now, and am a lil' disappointed with the visuals. The song carries so much energy and pizazz; I find the video a recession-affected reinterpretation of the Jacksons' "Scream" and an amateur Star Wars-inspired porno. Sounds harsh but it looks like they shot this is in a day. The Dream put more glitz in his ode to some hips and the remix. Even something al a "Sensual Seduction" to feed off the 80s sound would have been more creative. Or maybe it would have looked like a 70s skin flick. But I digress.

SOS | When i get you alone x wanna luv u girl

Many may not remember Thicke's only single from Cherry Blue Skies way back when. Some may not even recognize the now blue eye soul champion as Robin Thicke either (just loose the lochs). Nonetheless, this song was great. The 5th's sample gives it a life great for a summer day. The second is probably more familiar as it was the first single off of The Evolution of Robin Thicke. Hype is a beast.

411 | Scripp's National Spelling Bee

Remember that extra studious student in 6th grade, the one that knew more than the teacher. The one with his head in a book and usually socially awkward. Well that kid is on national TV, and your sitting at home reading this. It's that time of year again for the brightest nerds in the nation to compete in one of the most intense competitions to date. I never even entered in my school's Bee, yet alone the country's. This would be me, except I'd still misspell the word.

New New | Paranoid aka RiRi's Return

Props to RapRadar for the new video for Kanye West's "Paranoid." The vid stars Ms. Rihanna in her first musical debut since that fateful pre-Grammy night. This compared to Brown's recent pubbing is in no comparison. Update: Apparently this is not the final version. Ye' wasn't settled with this now unfinished product. Expect to see alternate/complete version soon.

LOL | Celebritty Therapy

I'm probably real late on this, but its brilliant. Both the ladies are dead-on. Copped at C&D.

'92 | And I'mmmmm Freeeeeee

I believe this was the New Jack remix, but its definitely the better version of the two. The flirtatious tag back between Janet and Luther is classic. From the Mo' Money Soundtrack. Goes hard.